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Session 1: How To Open New Markets

Join us to “How to Open New Markets” session with experienced speakers in field who share their insight and provide professional advice on the topic. The session will be conducted in Arabic with live english translation. A recording will be available after the session.

Session 2: Training for Arab Publishers

Get to know the basics of buying and selling book rights to upgrade your skills in the publishing industry. This session is aimed for beginners dealing with copyrights and allows attendees to review the information and ask questions. An advanced-level session in scheduled after this session. The session will be held in English with simultaneous interpretation into Arabic.

Session 3: A World of Books for Children

Learn what’s new and to discover at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2023. In this same session we will dive into the World of Comics for Children and discuss with our expert how the market works and what to watch out for. Session in English with simultaneous translation into Arabic.

Session 4: How Arabic Literature Works Internationally?

Introduction and update by Mr. Gareth Rapley, London Book Fair Director Discussion on Arabic books’ process, measures, and success in international markets. The session will be conducted in English wih a live translation in Arabic

Session 5: Abu Dhabi International Booking Fair calling - what’s new?

The director of The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair will share the latest information about the fair and what’s new? Programmes, Marketing, SOR, and Prizes. Session in Arabic with simultaneous translation into English will be available.

Session 6: A conversation with Penguin Random House CEO Emeritus Markus Dohle

Markus Dohle was the CEO of the famous publishing group Penguin Random House for more than 15 years – and has witnessed and shaped many changes in this industry. In this session, Dohle will share with us his views on the present and future of the publishing industry, his experience and important role in the publishing world, his plans for the future, and of course his thoughts on translations and publishing in the Arab World. Questions and Comments are welcome!

Session 7: Literary Agents in Action

Agents discuss their work and share their experiences